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Welcome to the Mini Tonner Class (UK)
This Class has been revived as a way to bring together the owners of small sailing yachts.  Approx. 20-24ft LOA / (6.0 -7.5m) - that had an IOR rating of not greater than 16.5ft (see our Class Background page for further Rule definitions) and/or were built within the 'spirit' of the IOR Mini Tonner Yachts*. 
The aim of this site is to provide a Forum to build the Mini Tonner community and to keep its members informed.
It would be great if you'd add your boat and your sailing area to our members' list - so we can all look out for each other!  If you are not sure if your boat qualify's, then please just drop us a line to ask. Email is easy and is listed on the contact us page.
We have regattas and class starts organised throughout the year - so get involved!
If you haven't got a boat already then Mini Tonner sailing has to be about the least expensive and fun way into Cruiser sailing/racing - our class ethos is definately for affordable 'entry level' sailing.  Check out the Boats For Sale page on the Forum to find yourself a bargain!

Mini Tonners at IRC Eastern Champs, May 2010

* The IOR Mini Tonner class of yachts included not only one-off racing yachts - but it also spawned many designs that became 'One-Design' or production mini ton boats, such as the E-Boat, Limbo 6.6 and Hunter Sonata.
Be sure to get in touch to offer comments and join our members list.


Kemp Sails are pleased to support The Mini Ton Class

Check out our Upcoming Events Page and the Class Forum,
to see events that Mini Tonners can attend - do please let us know
about any other events you know of.

'Blue Movie' - Overall Winner of IRC East Champs